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Having been involved with many aspects of the Real Estate industry for over 20 years gives me a well-rounded balance. I started flipping homes and worked on all sides of the transaction from finding and rehabbing properties, down to marketing and reselling the property. Starting in private money lending and working the foreclosure markets for years, gave me knowledge of distressed assets. Knowing what investors are looking for and how to find transactions that make sound financial sense was one of the main reasons I had success, with my own real estate portfolio.

Later I moved into conventional lending for many years, before the financial meltdown. I later worked to develop marketing strategies that were effective to the point, I started to just focus on marketing financial products for other lenders, for well over a decade. Years later I find myself coming back to where I started, residential real estate. This time just focusing on working with buyers and sellers which is now, my full-time occupation. Having a construction business in the family, allows me to also help clients to get the most value out of selling their property or buying a property to create equity right away and have the home they have always wanted.

Having been involved in so many different aspects of a transaction and having a diverse background, while working in and with many different industries over the years, allows me to relate to a broad spectrum of clients and circumstances. Having "seen a thing or two over the years" helps me to relate those experiences to my client's transactions. I am a clear communicator and will always be present and accessible, during the transaction. I want to be your real estate agent for life!! 

I enjoy the ability to help and walk people through one of their biggest financial transactions that they will participate in, be it a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned investor. Helping somebody find a home or go through the transaction of selling a home is a rewarding experience. Homes are more than just a property or financial asset; this is where our memories are built and become the underlying foundation of our lives...

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